Organizing a Craft Room

Today marks the launch of my new craft site Birdz of a Feather ~ Craft Rehab! I’ll still post our home reno projects at this site (Birdz of a Feather Home) but if you’re interested in crafts, be sure to follow me there too! Follow this link and click on the follow button if you’d like to get an email whenever I post a craft tutorial. Craft Rehab is about more than just my addiction to crafts: it aims to put sustainable crafting on the map with creative, fun and easy to accomplish projects that pack a wow factor so check it out!

Since finishing off my craft studio at the end of last year, I’m spending more time on craft projects. To kick off my new focus for 2017, (and celebrate my new craft studio) I thought I would dedicate this first post to craft room organization.

Studio Update 187.jpg

Hubs built an entire wall of storage cabinets for me using Ikea Pax units. Although they’re meant to be used in the bedroom as a wardrobe, the interior options are ideal for a craft studio. I’ve used the interior organizers to full advantage. Here, we’ve installed a pull-out shelf to store one of my sewing machines:

Ikea for the Studio 428_bof.jpg

I put a few felt dividers into one of the drawers to corral small items such as my pressing hams:

Ikea for the Studio 531_bof.jpg

There’s a ton of room to store both my hanging and tissue patterns, my glass grinder, my tools and even my thread (although I changed my mind about the tread as you’ll see further on).

The clear glass drawer fronts allow me to see everything I have in an instant!


There’s a flat storage space for my self-healing cutting mats and all of my tools are stored on pull out shelves so they are readily accessible. It’s impossible to loose anything when you can simply pull out a drawer to see what you have! The only trick to keeping it organized is making sure to return everything back to where I got it; so far it’s worked like a charm.


I even have a few pullouts to store some closed storage bins:

Ikea for the Studio 520_bof.jpg

Instead of hiding my cone threads and yarns in the cabinet, I decided to relocate them to display them in all their glorious colour. The vintage glass oak display cabinet keeps the dust off everything.

The 6-drawer card catalogue resting on top of the cabinet adds additional closed storage. I organized things like tape and fasteners in the drawers.

Studio Update 234_bof.jpg

To organize my collection of vintage irons and other cast iron objects, I’ve displayed them on an Ikea Lack shelf. I love being reminded of how far technology has come in the last century.

Studio Update 192.jpg

I couldn’t believe it when we found the shabby chic highboy shown below on the side of the road. It was missing its drawers, but it turned out to be perfect to tuck away larger project components so I can clear my work table when I have things in progress and need to move on to another step. It’s so easy to store and grab things from the open shelf space.

My grandmother bought me the industrial pattern table to christen my first studio. Hubs added a shelf onto the bottom of it so I could store some closed bins that are holding my fabrics. My grandmother (and Mom) taught me most of what I know about crafting and I always think of her when I’m looking for some inspiration for my next project!


My favourite piece (if I had to pick just one) is the kitchen drawer units we repurposed from our kitchen renovation. We faced the front of each drawer with MDF to get a clean slate. I blew up a picture of a VW beetle that hubs restored and attached it to the MDF for a unique storage piece.

Studio Update_cabinets 066_bof.jpg

There are six large and deep storage drawers as well as a vertical pullout (similar to the pull-out cabinet we built for our new kitchen). I store most of my finished projects in the drawers that are still waiting for their final place in our home (or someone else’s home!).

In one half of the pull-out cabinet I’m storing mostly liquid items such as paint, caulk and glue. The shelves are adjustable so that my storage options are totally flexible and I can switch things around whenever I want to:


On the other side of the divide, we installed a perforated metal backer. I can hang some items on the metal,  either peg-board style or by magnets. I haven’t organized this spot yet, but will likely store my rulers here.


My work area will one day hold a laptop or desktop computer so I can design and execute in the same space.

Reupholstered Office Chair 010_bof.jpg

For now, it’s the perfect work surface to shoot my how-to videos, such as this Duct Tape Pop-art portrait of Elvis Presley that gets constructed before your very eyes:

While you’re watching, subscribe to my Youtube Channel. Once I have 50 subscribers, I’ll be posting the full tutorial on Craft Rehab, so subscribe to my channel if you’d like to see it!


Above the floating desk, we installed additional wall cabinets to maximize storage space.


I’ve got inspirational magazines stored in one of the cabinets, as shown below, and a collection of craft books in the other units:


I’ve organized all my smaller items in a vintage card catalogue. Everything is labeled alphabetically so I can easily find it:


Studio Update 157_bof.jpg

Lastly, here’s a little project that we completed just outside my studio doors. Click here to see how we built the floating shelf.


Now that everything is coming together organization-wise, I can fully concentrate on the fun aspects of my new craft studio: creating and making things!

Here is a sneak peak of my very first craft project in 2017 where I showed you how to make your very own blue jean planter. Isn’t it adorable? Click the link to see the full tutorial and video!


Here are a few more things you’ll find on my craft site: a floating tap water feature made from an upcycled paint can, a paint stick pallet wall hanger and an industrial remote control caddy I made for my husband’s new mancave (the mancave will be revealed right here very soon, so follow me here too if you haven’t already).


Don’t forget to follow me on my new site, Birdz of a Feather ~ Craft Rehab if you want full tutorials when they’re hot off the press!

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9 thoughts on “Organizing a Craft Room

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  2. I WANT YOUR STUDIO!!! I love it!! I can just imagine all of the really neat stuff that you will be doing in there. Now I need to ask a question when you were talking about the cabinets that you put the picture of the VW on you said you used MDF so you would have a clean slate. What is MDF and how do you apply it? I am fixing to attempt a bathroom rehab and I don’t want to tear out the vanity if I don’t have to but i would like to as you said have a clean slate.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is the most organized craft room I’ve ever seen. And the biggest from looking at your photos. I wish my little 10′ by 8′ craft area was like yours.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! It’s not overly big when you consider I share it with the laundry room, but it gets the job done and I’m over the moon that my husband built it for me!

      There’s a lot you can do to pack storage into an 8 by 10 space – even on a budget. I’ll bet Pinterest has a lot of great ideas 🙂


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